& the Complex Intersections with Being Human

In 2019 our director, Sarah Mariann Martland, aims to have 100 Conversations on Trauma & the Complex Intersections with Being Human (giving herself a small head start in Dec 2018).

These conversations can be on any intersection with being human that links to trauma in some way (see the below image for some possible intersections, though this is not an exhaustive list).

The conversations will be up to one hour in length and will remain confidential between Sarah and the participant. They will take place via Zoom (a video conferencing app). This is neither a therapy session, nor is it time where advice will be given – there is nothing to fix or to change here – only space and time to be in conversation. Please take a look at our Guidance for Communication page for our ethos around communication throughout this organisation and project.

As requested in the Expression of Interest Form (link below), please consider your resources for after these conversations as the topics could be potentially triggering and in an hour only there is little scope for exploring resources (unless of course it is relevant to the topic chosen). Please take a look at our resources pages, if you feel they would be useful to you – these pages will be updated in 2019, though there are many links already available there.

There is no charge for participation in this series. If you are able to donate to our Accessibility Fund (which will be officially launching in 2019 – we will link to an official page on this when it is ready) you are welcome to do so, and any/all donations of any amount are received with sincere thanks. This fund will be allocated to other services (including a companionship and consultancy service – to be launched in 2019) so these services become more accessible to those in greatest need. There is, however, no obligation to donate or pay anything for participation in the 100 Conversations on Trauma series. 

To register your interest* in this conversation series you can visit:  https://traumaco.typeform.com/to/r6l6tI


*Please note this is an Expression of Interest form only – I am so grateful you want to be a part of this. I am aiming to complete these conversations throughout 2019 (giving myself a head start in Dec 2018), so I will be in contact if I have space for you to book in, in any given month. As such, unfortunately, there might be limited space and availability and I might not be able to respond to you all individually if there is a high level of interest, so please accept my sincere thanks for your interest and if we don’t speak this year in this series, I hope we will be able to connect in some other way in the future. By filling in the form you are consenting to me contacting you about availability – and you are welcome to unsubscribe from these availability emails at any point.