Funding Campaign

Trauma & Co.  is a project that aims to give voice to and support those who live with Trauma & the Complex Intersections with Being Human.  For the past year I have been building Trauma & Co . across social media and what started in the UK is now a growing international community. 

It is now time for this organisation to take its next steps in becoming a Community Interest Organisation and offering more accessible services to our beloved community. 

And I need your support

Alongside building this project, I live with chronic illness(es) and C-PTSD, and recently the disability benefit that you can (in theory) claim while working, that I was relying on to make the transition into growing this organisation was unexpectedly cut, making the future of this organisation (and of my basic human survival costs such as food and rent) uncertain. And so I am here asking for your support in keeping and eventually growing this organisation.

With this I am asking for financial support via a Go Fund Me Campaign:

50% of the money raised will go into the Trauma & Co. Accessibility Fund, which will grant funding to those in greatest financial need to access Companionship Sessions (via video call), a Landing Space for them as they navigate life with trauma and its complex intersections.  

50% of the money raised will go towards daily running costs and will also allow me to build and launch a membership site later this year, as well as getting the organisation officially registered as a Community Interest Organisation, which will then allow us to apply for other funding in the years to come so we can open up more services and support streams for those living with trauma internationally. This is in addition to running the website, the social media pages, the resources pages and keeping the whole organisation nurtured and growing.

Any support offered here would mean so much to me and to this community that is growing by the day.

Even the smallest amount would make such a huge difference to someone living with trauma (including myself). 

And please do share this within your own groups, pages and communities.

Thank you for your support and for being here with me.

Sarah xx

Sarah Mariann Martland

Creator & Director of Trauma & Co.