Guidance for Communication

Guidance for Communication

When communicating at Trauma & Co. please be mindful of the following:


“We celebrate the imperfection in our stories. Our strengths lie in our resiliency, our contradictions, the questions we ask ourselves and then the answers we demand from others. It’s in the way we hold ourselves accountable to something bigger than us. We are cunning crafters of something more whole and healing for ourselves, our partners, our communities, and yes, even those that violate us. It’s the messy stories, the drunk stories, the ones complicated by mental health and a quest for wellness, the stories complicated by racism, classism, fatphobia, transmisogyny, disability. We have our eyes and hearts fixed on something bigger: radical, affirming, accountable prevention work, activism and direct care, collective healing, and a release from a culture that shames, disbelieves, and erases our lived experiences.”

~ Jennifer Patterson, Queering Sexual Violence ~

Please note these guidelines were written with the intention of being used when we were going to be accepting writing or art submissions (this is no longer a project within Trauma & Co. that is going forward). The guidelines, however, are relevant to all communication throughout this organisation and for any projects we run going forward. 

Trauma & Co. is a project dedicated to recognising and celebrating our differences and our connections. We recognise and celebrate the intersections of our identities. We believe representation matters.

We invite and welcome people of all identities including, but not limited to, identities relating to gender, sexuality, race, nationality, ability/health, class, age, religion.

When using stock images, we aim to use a range of sources and images to represent the diversities we hold as humans.

We do not assume your gender based on name or image alone and do not assume gender pronouns. These gender pronouns may include they/them, she/her, he/his, or variations of these. As such, if we have not been given gender pronouns, we default to using they/them pronouns when needed in promotion of other people’s work/discussion.

We ask you to respect the whole of a person’s identity, and where gender pronouns are used in comments, please take a moment to see if there is an indicator of which pronouns they use, and if not please refer to our previous statement and don’t assume.

We DO NOT tolerate discrimination of any person, nor do we allow others to question another person’s identity.

Comments of this nature, and any other hate-type comments, will not be accepted on this website and we reserve the right to remove any messages across our social media pages of a hateful or discriminatory nature. While we are here for open dialogue and conversation, and respect differing opinions and beliefs, we do not accept or allow hateful, discriminatory language on this site.


Your Voice

We advocate for and respect a person’s right to using their voice, particularly with their experience of trauma. We are a community project and we need you and your voice.

We also support and respect the decision of those who choose not to speak out. Those who come here only to read are valued in this community.

Your voice matters. You get to choose if and how you use it. 

We also respect the right of any contributor to this project to not enter into discussions of any nature, unless they so wish.

Everything we share here has links in some way to trauma, all of which is incredibly personal, sensitive, potentially triggering and we each live with trauma in our own way.

Please join us in respecting and celebrating an individual’s right to having voice through this site and their right to step away or to be quiet when needed.


Trigger Warning

This note serves to provide a trigger warning for all content and comments across this site and our social media pages.

We do not include individual trigger warnings on each piece as triggers can be highly subjective and personal to each of us and our experiences of trauma and life. We cannot assume what is or is not triggering for one is the same for another.

As such we ask you to be mindful of your personal needs/triggers when accessing this site.

If you are in an unsafe situation and in emergency need of support, please ring your national or local emergency services.

Please do not use this site as a substitute for professional support if this is what you need. We are not a crisis service and as such may not be able to respond for some days. Please take care of yourself while accessing this site and access our resource pages for information of other services that might be able to support you.

If you feel safe enough, but not able to remain on this site as you feel too triggered, please go look after yourself – you are important and if being here is too difficult right now, that’s okay.

Your safety comes first. If possible, please reach out to someone nearby for support or use any tools or resources you have for grounding and reorienting yourself to your environment.

If you feel you can remain on this site, please see our Resources pages for support and information on various organisations or tools that might be able to support you. There’s loads of good stuff in there. If you can, why not save some links for a later date, in case you’re too triggered look through this site in the moment you need them?

We do not offer these resources as advice, as we fully believe you know best what works for you. Rather, we offer our resources as possibilities for you to try, use or ignore, as you see best. While there are various tools/services for you to consider, we will never presume to know you better than you know yourself and we offer everything with the knowing that what works for one may not for another. We offer a range of resources and do not solely endorse or prescribe to one form of support, therapy or service.

Your safety is the most important thing. Remember this. 



We do not question another person’s experience, nor do we aim to define it.

We receive people’s stories (writers, artists and community alike) from a place of believing them and their experience. Please be mindful of this when reading and particularly when commenting on a post, always starting from a place of believing them first.

We also do not compare experiences.

Please see the below video by Gwynn Raimondi for an exploration of why we do not compare experiences and how this is implemented in her own circles and work*.

No Advice Giving

We respect each person’s process through trauma (and life) and recognise that none of these processes are linear or the same for everyone. We welcome hearing your experience of finding support and resources.

Throughout our site, in both submitted pieces and in comments, we ask that you please do not give advice to another person unless directly asked. Again, see the below video from Gwynn Raimondi for an exploration of why we do not give advice*.



We recognise Trauma & Co. holds incredibly private and sensitive information. Each time a person chooses to share any part of their story with us we hold it as a deep honour and privilege.

With this in mind, much of our project is open to the public, and as such any comments made on our sites will be visible across the internet. Please be mindful of this when commenting.

We will, however, keep any further private communications confidential, with mindful consideration of our larger capacity to being unable to completely control the security of our email and social media providers (as we cannot control their higher security functions e.g. Facebook Messenger). We endeavour to do all we can to monitor this.

If, for any reason, you are contacted by anyone else who you meet through this project, please keep the details of your conversations confidential, unless the other person gives you permission to share.

For another video* on the final three guidelines we have shared here:


One Final Note

We aim raise the voices of writers, artists and community members, of all identities. We do not tolerate them or their voice being silenced any way.

Your Voice Matters.

Your Story Matters.

Additional Resources

*Videos shared with permission and without paid endorsement. Please note these videos mention Gwynn Raimondi’s previous circles “Awakening Our Womanline” and “Wild Woman Within”, along with other videos in these series and elements of the experiences such as group calls and facebook groups, which are not linked to this website directly – for more information on Gwynn’s current circles please go to her website.