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Peace Love Free by Jeanette LeBlanc

http://www.peacelovefree.comIncludes some free writing resources.

“If you are here because you have a story to tell, know that i will keep it safe. If you are here because your heart aches to know that you are not alone, I will hold your hand on the darkest nights. If you have loved and lost and gone to ground and brought yourself back through the will of your own wild heart, I honor you. {} is a haven for those with whiskey hearts and back alley daydreams. For souls made of scraps of poetry and moon dust. We’re alive in the shatter. Courting the muse. Seducing the paradox. Burning down and rising again. Here, you are home.”

Rest for Resistance by QTPOC Mental Health

“Rest for Resistance strives to uplift marginalized communities, those who rarely get access to adequate health care or social support. This includes Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Pacific Islander, Asian, Middle Eastern, and multiracial persons. We also seek to create healing space for LGBTQIA+ individuals, namely trans & queer people of color, as well as other stigmatized groups such as sex workers, immigrants, persons with physical and/or mental disabilities, and those living at the intersections of all of the above.”

Queer Body Love“In the Queer Body Love Speaker Series, I wanted to interview people who critique the dominant paradigms — and who envision a different possibility — to share their lived experiences, wisdom, and questions. I reached out to people whom I want to influence our thinking about love, bodies and community. For these beautiful humans to share their messages for us to use as guideposts to orient as we choose the culture we want for ourselves.” Also includes a facebook group.

Let’s Queer Things Up

“Talking trans identity, mental health, and feminism with Sam Dylan Finch … I am just one voice among many in the queer community, though. This is why I hope you’ll join us on Facebook as I amplify other essential LGBTQIA+ voices and organizations.”

Redefine Enough“Redefine Enough has grown into a community of women devoted to wellness & wholeness.The mission of Redefine Enough is to create content that educates, inspires, and liberates women to redefine “enough.” ”

Whole Self Liberation“Whole / Self Liberation is a movement that acknowledges the interconnectedness between personal liberation and social liberation. WSL teaches and supports those that wish to influence their communities and integrate their social justice values into their work and everyday lives. We believe that social change cannot happen without inner change, and inner change affects social change. Our mission is to create spaces that cultivate healing, connection, growth and understanding in service of our collective wellbeing. We offer workshops, online programs and retreats that bring us together because we believe that we are not meant to do this work of dismantling, unlearning, relearning, and growing in isolation. The only way we can get free is together.”

Be Nourished“In 2005, Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD started facilitating groups to help women let go of food/weight obsession. Realizing they shared a similar approach and philosophy regarding food, weight, body image and health, the two decided to merge their practices to create a partnership that would offer a revolutionary approach that is deeply nourishing and counter to conventional institutional paradigms. Be Nourished is founded on the idea that we are all born with remarkable instincts to love and care for our bodies. We believe Body Trust® is a birthright. Our passion is helping people lose the weight of body shame to create the change they seek from a deeper place.”


“Five women, all mom’s and with a PTSD diagnosis, started this campaign. I had written about how outraged I was that in a Google search for “PTSD” I found images of only men. Men at war. Men in combat. And brains. No women. No children. No civilian men or women in the military.”

Survivor Love Letter

“Write a declaration of self love or honor a survivor in your life at #‎survivorloveletter ‬.”

Living with Suicide (Bristol Zine Project)“There is not much space to talk about suicide in our society; not only are suicidal feelings stigmatised, but suicide attempts and life after an attempt rarely gets a voice. Living With Suicide is a beautiful collection of stories from survivors of suicide attempts and people living with suicidal thoughts/feelings across the world. It hopes to offer solace to those experiencing similar things, and offer insight into what it is like to live through an attempt or live with suicidal thoughts/feelings.”


“What if taking care of yourself helped you make a bigger difference? We have found that many women passionate about creating social and cultural change are also tired, exhausted and heading for burnout. They are committed to making change happen but often sacrifice themselves in the process. We believe that in order to be long term change makers. This needs to change. We need to resource ourselves and fill ourselves up to be the change we want to see in the world.”

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