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If you are in emergency need, please ring your national or local emergency services.


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What is Trauma?

Nervous System Soothing Exercises by Gwynn Raimondi 

Resourcing Techniques by Misha Grodt

Grounding Ideas by Misha Grodt

Using Mindful Breathing for Emotional Regulation by Misha Grodt



Please Note:

We do not offer these resources as advice, as we fully believe you know best what works for you. Rather, we offer our resources as possibilities for you to look at, try, use or ignore, as you see best. While there are various tools/services for you to consider, we will never presume to know you better than you know yourself and we offer everything with the knowing that what works for one may not for another. We offer a range of resources and do not solely endorse or prescribe to one form of support, therapy or service.

Your Safety First, Always

If you are in emergency need of support, please ring your national or local emergency services.

If you feel safe enough, but not able to remain on this site for now, as you are feeling too triggered, please go look after yourself – you are important and if being here is too hard right now, that’s okay. Your safety comes first. Please reach out to someone nearby for support if you can or use any tools/resources you have for support, possibly grounding and reorienting yourself to your environment.

If you can remain on the site, please take a look at our pages for more information, resources and contact details of various organisations that might be able to support you.

There’s loads of good stuff in here and we’re constantly updating our pages. If you feel some of the other content on this site might be triggering for you, why not have some links saved for later, in case you’re too triggered to find them in the moment you need them?

Your safety is the most important thing. Remember this.


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These links are for reference only and we cannot provide endorsements or recommendations, nor can we speak to a services’s individual policies, reputation or quality of service. In addition, we cannot be sure of the services free/chargeable services – please speak to them directly.
Please access any services with mindful and personal consideration for yourself and your needs.
Last updated 2017 – please let us know if you have more up to date information.