Compiled by Gwynn Raimondi, MA, LMFTA

Nervous System Soothing Exercises by Gwynn Raimondi (PDF)

The following are simple and practical exercises and practices you can do to help to soothe your nervous system when it becomes activated. I recommend practicing one or two of the exercises every day, when you are not feeling particularly stressed or activated, to help build muscle memory and to move the exercises into the implicit memory of your brain so they can become an automatic response in times of stress and activation. A great time to practice many of the exercises is as you are getting ready to go to sleep.

After each exercise I offer a brief explanation of why it works to help soothe your nervous system.

I invite you to play with each of these exercises and find the ones that feel most at home for you and then to practice them regularly…

Continued here: Nervous System Soothing Exercises by Gwynn Raimondi (PDF)

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